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MowerMeter was founded in 2005 by two brothers, Glenn and Scott Zior. Glenn is co-owner of Clip Lawn Care, LLC, a maintenance company located in Maryland, and Vice President of CLIP Software. CLIP software is the #1 selling software in the Green Industry for tracking all your customers and their jobs.

The need for equipment tracking software was discovered through our own personal experience at Clip Lawn Care and through many customers requests received at CLIP software. We did extensive research trying to find a product that would fit the Green Industry and found none se we decided to make our own.

Glenn has years of experience in software design and implementation. His contribution to the design and testing of CLIP Software has proven to be valuable to CLIP's success. Glenn truly understands the customers' needs. Glenn and Scott have designed MowerMeter Software for ease of use and training your employee.

While MowerMeter’s main office is located in Maryland, Scott is on location at our off shore programming office. This dual office setup allows us to have direct control over development of the software while we are able to hire more staff to increase the functionality of the software quickly and offer it at a very competitive price.

Our goal is to bring you the highest quality product that is user friendly and for a reasonable price.

Glenn Zior

Scott Zior
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